Communi-Cog Literacy Lab

  • Individualized services are offered to schoolage children and adults who have not acquired proficient listening, speaking, reading, writing, and/or study skills. An initial phone, email, or in-person consultation is free. This is a time to describe your needs and learn more about what I provide. A Diagnostic Evaluation (90-minutes) is scheduled, and you will receive a written report of results and recommendations. You may opt for a shorter screening of basic skills and an oral report of initial impressions. Reasonable fees make these services very affordable. What's important is to find out WHY someone is having unexpected difficulty with learning basic literacy skills. Feeling "out of it" is very damaging to self-confidence!
  • There are two types of tutoring sessions: 1) a 55-minute session is for children who are in grade 2 and above and for adults; 2) a 40-minute session is for grade 1 children or children who have more than one session per week. I am happy to help you find resources for preschool children who need communication development services.
  • Multisensory teaching techniques are used. Approximately 15% of the population has dyslexia, the most common form of learning disability that inhibits a proficient development of reading and writing skills. It is a condition that is neurologically based and often appears in several members of the same family (i.e., a genetic component is present). According to the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), "Dyslexia is often referred to as a language-based learning disability. Individuals with dyslexia usually have difficulty with either receptive or expressive oral language skills, reading, spelling, and/or written expression. Dyslexia varies in degrees of severity. If you suspect dyslexia, it is important to have an evaluation to better understand the problem. Individuals with dyslexia respond successfully to timely and appropriate intervention." Fifty years of research have documented the effectiveness of multisensory methods for teaching individuals who have dyslexia and other developmental literacy weaknesses.
  • Program quality is derived from research-based practices and therapist experience. Learning challenges are due to a variety of causes, including poor or insufficient instruction in the early grades. With 35 years of experience, Charlann Simon creates a tailor-made course of study for each student. There is no commercial, lock-step program. All instruction is based on "diagnostic teaching." That means a student's responses in one session determine the program content in the next session. What research shows is that individuals with language-based literacy challenges (dyslexia) respond most successfully to systematic, multisensory instruction. For example, they need to learn "how English works" by manipulating letters to represent sounds and "playing" with different types of syllables. Spelling proficiency results from being a "language detective" and learning which words are predictable sound/letter sequences and which ones need to be memorized because they are just plain goofy! English is 85% predictable to a reader or speller if he/she understands how to "psych out" the symbols in words. Let's begin to decipher the code.

Communi-Cog Literacy Lab
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