Evaluating Communicative Competence [ECC].  A "language sampling script" composed of 21 listening and speaking tasks that ensure systematic assessment of critical classroom and social communication skills. Reproducible administration forms! "The ECC is efficient, useful and fun. IEP objectives flow from the results."

About The Author

Charlann S. Simon, M.A. (ccc-slp)
Author and Literacy Specialist

Reading and writing skills are not optional. To feel confident at school or at work, each of us must be able to read, write, listen, and speak effectively. Begin with an evaluation of underlying factors that are impeding literacy. Next, continue with an individualized instructional program to develop critical literacy and communication skills.

Charlann S. Simon, M.A. (ccc-slp) has 35 years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of literacy, learning, and communication disabilities (dyslexia). In addition to degrees from Northwestern University, University of Kentucky, and Arizona State University, her professional vita documents 30 publications and over 200 workshops she has been invited to present to educators within the U.S. and internationally. She is an expert who serves children and adults with a professional yet inviting approach.Learning is exciting and fun. Confidence is built quickly because each student receives effective instruction on both literacy basics and immediate survival skills to cope with school or job demands.

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Communi-Cog Literacy Lab Tutoring


  • Individualized services
  • Multisensory teaching techniques for dyslexic students

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Communi-Cog Publications. 300+ Developmental Language Strategies for Clinic and Classroom. A clinicians dream: 300 pp. of lesson plans plus 60 pp. of reproducible materials. Lots of programming ideas for syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Helps students to develop proficient social and classroom language skills. Ideas for use in classrooms, too. "A great application of pragmatics research. This is really a valuable book."
Communi-Cog Publications, Assessment of Classroom Communication and Study Skills Book. Administer to an entire classroom or individually in the clinic. Tasks assess and school language and entire learning skills (listening, reading, writing, task persistence, metalinguistic and vocabulary skills). Stimulates collaboration and links IEPs to the general curriculum for grades 4-8 kids. Reproducible administration forms! "Finally...teachers, parents and administrators see the link between SLP service and classroom performance."
Communi-Cog Publications presents Language Detective

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